Public Response

The idea that someone has written these pieces, and they live in the area where it has been put up, brings it home to that individual that their talent is worth something.” Local poet, JPDL, Gloucester.

“It is so amazing to see so many artists in the town, it’s just such a creative and artist friendly place.” Visitor in Blackburn.

“We’ve been in confinement for weeks, and now to be outdoors meeting people, getting stuck in and being creative, is a wonderful feeling. It’s nice to have a purpose again.” Participant in Gloucester, 2020.

It was really sweet to see the breath of submissions we got from the community, of all different kinds of poems, about all kinds of different topics, from all different ages”. Producer in Charlotte, USA.

“Writing the poem, for me, was the most creative thing I’ve ever done. So it was really nice to express myself in that way.” Participant in Blackburn.

All the poets are amazed, and super impressed. I hope they understand that they are a part of history now.” Producer in Charlotte, USA.

“I started writing poetry at the beginning of lockdown, it’s good for my mental health. Everyone was a bit bored, and so many people weren’t working. So this was kind of like helping me get back out there.” Participant in Blackburn,

“I think words are such a good way of healing… I love words.” Participant in Gloucester.

“I think it’s fantastic, it puts the spot light on the town.” Visitor in Blackburn.

“I can do anything really… I can just choose what poem I want to do that day, about how I’m feeling or what my mood is.” Child participant in Gloucester.

“I think its great to get the public involved in things, it’s a really nice thing to do, to find out where all the spots are and visit with your friends… It’s a nice little adventure for the day.” Visitor in Blackburn.

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