• Image from Of Earth And Sky
  • Image from Of Earth And Sky

 Of Earth and Sky 

Of Earth and Sky, is a large-scale poetry installation by artist Luke Jerram, that was first presented across Gloucester, UK, in 2020. Poetry created by the public through workshops and online submission, is curated and installed across multiple locations of a city forming a temporary sculpture trail. The public are then able to discover and interact with the poetry in parks and public places across the city.

From 1st May – 31st July, Of Earth And Sky will be presented in Blackburn, Lancashire as part of the 2021 National Festival of Making programme. 

From 6 August – 2 September Of Earth and Sky will be presented in Scunthorpe, UK. From 27 September – 31 October the artwork will be presented in Charlotte, USA for the Charlotte Shout Festival.

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