In Charlotte, USA, a walking tour of poetry was created in response to the events of 2020/21 including social and climate changes, along with the impact of Covid-19. Located in more than 40 locations, the words were touching and hopeful, embedding a sense of pride in the city.

Of Earth and Sky  was a large-scale installation of poetry created as part of Charlotte Shout, the public through a process of workshops and online submissions. Over 200 poems were submitted, with the final selections curated by Emmy Award-winning poet Boris “Bluz” Rogers and National Poetry Slam champions Jay Ward and Jordan Bailey. The installations were designed and implemented by artist Bree Stallings with help from volunteers across the creative community. Find out more about this presentation here…

Of Earth and Sky in Charlotte from Blumenthal Performing Arts on Vimeo.

Of Earth and Sky in Charlotte was presented by Blumenthal Performing Arts.

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