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The Venture: White City

“It’s always better to look where there’s light”

-From a Middle Eastern philosophy tale that might well be familiar. Featuring the eccentric Mullah Nasruddin, of whom dozens of gently foolish and wise stories survive down the centuries.

One night a neighbour saw the Mullah Nasruddin in the street near his house, peering frantically at the ground under a street lamp. He had obviously lost something.
The neighbour hurried over. “What’s the matter?” he asked.

Unhappily Nasruddin replied, “I’ve lost my house key! I’ve been looking for ages!” His voice quivered with that awful panic you feel when you’re locked out of your own home and you can’t see for looking.

“Let me help you,” said the neighbour. For several minutes the two men kicked at the dust and stones under the glow of the street lamp. Not a glimmer of a key.

At last the neighbour said to Nasruddin, “Where were you when you dropped the key?”
“Oh, over there by my front door,” said the Mullah.
“So why are you looking over here under the street lamp,” demanded the neighbour.

“Isn’t it always better to look where there’s light?” smiled Nasruddin.


–Chloë of the Midnight Storytellers