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Gloucester Quays, The Sabrina

Our Guest

You came uninvited and you decided to stay
No red carpet or banquet was prepared for your way
Although no transport by sea, road or air,
You still managed to enter places no one would dare.
No restrictions, no rules, you were free to roam the world.
From China you set forth, no baggage or passport,
no visa required you came alone.
Traveling from one country to the next enjoyed and rested well.

No immigration laws of Brexit could stop you on your way,
Nor the walls or barriers of Trump’s USA.
No missiles of Putin’s Soviet could deter your track
No race, religion, or colour do you have,
yet you still enjoy the freedom of your travel.
You prey on your host making them weak
you do not choose rich or poor
Your aim is to control and leave the world despair.

Your Presence caused “a lockdown” a word we never knew…..
Families distanced, prisoners in our own homes
A life so unreal in this modern world.

Yet you made us reflect, made us think.
The value of “life” —
Kindness, care, helpfulness, appreciation were no longer just words but the actions we took.

However a small request now,
It’s time for you to depart,
Please “guest” leave us now.

So we may love, laugh and hug once again.

–Sajida Kathrada