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Matson Shops



If we become separated, I
will wait for you by the railway track, in case
you choose to follow
the rusted rails, jumping
from one blackened sleeper
to another as you go.

I will dispense dry leaves
to fly like moths to find you, send
a smoke signal from a dirty diesel engine
to mix with the peppermint clouds, startle
flocks of resting rooks hunkered in the trees
so they take flight, scatter like splashed ink.

I will sail flotillas of paper boats down the rivers,
light blazing beacons across the hilltops,
release bunches of colourful plump balloons,
fly flags from tall masts
and shoot fireworks into the night sky.

So that wherever you are
you will see that you are not alone
and know that I am close.

Carol Sheppard