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Kingsway Manor Farm Park


Am I part of this earth and sky.

Not born in Gloucester.
Not here but from a different bit of earth, under another space of sky.
Nevertheless here I am.
My arrival on a grey day with dusty shoes, all eight years of me, tired and weary huddled in a family group.
Still I’m still here and reflective now, full of every stage that life can colour full.
Here and there the Gloucester streets, change and move.
People come and go through.
Skies of light, rain , snow and stars.
Earth of sadness, joy , madness and much more.
I am part of this, of each and every furrow, the marks I make are mine.
Do you see me , see my face.
We would need to sit and sift through all my memories , places , faces.
There are many layers in my earth and sky.
I may be just one but my tapestry fills this earth and this sky.

–Judy Parsons